Why is Greenland important for understanding global warming?



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    Greenland is one of the places where we can clearly see the effects of global warming. The speed that the ice on Greenland is melting and the speed that the glaciers are moving is one measure of how the temperature of the earth is changing. As the ice on top of Greenland melts, the water flows down underneath the glaciers, making them move more quickly towards the sea, threateninga rise in sea level. This process is happening much faster than it has before, and is impacting the live of the Inuits who live nearby. If it continues, the extra water from Greenland could flood the coasts of other continents.

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    Sfincher is right. Greenland is where the effects of the warming temperatures is most obvious. For instance, the rate that the ice melted between the years of May 2004-April 2006 increased by 250% compared to the rate of ice melt between the years of April 2002-April 2004. That is two and a half times more loss at an accelerated rate. If all the ice melts off Greenland into the North Atlantic Ocean, the global sea levels are projected to rise 23 feet. Like sfincher said, this is all happening very fast, so scientists are studying Greenland to learn about global warming.

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