Why is Green & Black’s rumored to be separating from Kraft?



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    According to an article in the Financial Times (2011). Green & Black is trying to separate from Kraft because management there feels as if the company is losing its “entrepeneurial spirit”. People who are well connected with Green & Black stated that the organization is currently proposing a separate ownership structure with either full or partial management buy-out. This option would allow the company to provide more incentives for management by connecting compensation to job performance (Financial Times, 2011).

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    Green and Black’s is a fair trade company that wants to produce environmentally friendly and ethically responsible products. Kraft, on the other hand, has a bad track record with making environmentally friendly and ethically responsible decisions. Many people boycott Kraft because of its business practices. Despite any green-washing that Kraft may be doing to make itself appear better, one needs to look at the whole picture.

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