Why is deforestation a global problem?



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    Deforestation and biodiversity are inextricably linked.  Tropical forests cover 7% of the land on Earth but contain an estimated 60-90% of species.  Deforestation causes the loss of 50-100 animals and plants per day.  Additionally, tropical forests give humans many ingredients that go into medicine.  Let’s not forget that people live in forest areas and their cultures are linked to the forest.

    Flooding and soil erosion are direct results of deforestation.  Deforestation makes up 20% of the world’s greenhouse gas emissions.  Forests store carbon and trees absorb carbon to emit oxygen—these are all necessary processes for the Earth. 

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    In the past 50 years, almost two thirds of the world’s temperate and tropical rainforests have been destroyed. The main cause of permanent rainforest destruction is the ruthless exploitation of rainforest resources. Often, the causes of deforestation are closely interconnected.

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    Another way that deforestation effects us globally is that the forests generate rainfall for other parts of the world. Scientists have determined that deforestation in West African countries has caused a now two decade drought in the interior countries. This effect will only worsen as deforestation continues. 

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