Why is Germany so efficient in recycling waste?



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    Germany has a waste management plan that revolves around “avoidance, recovery, disposal.”  Avoidance means producing less waste, recovery means that raw materials are reintroduced into the cycle, and disposal has to do with how the waste is disposed of- preferably in an environmentally sound way.  Product reponsiblity is also a theme in German waste management and the government has set up laws and waste management plans.  

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    Germany is so effective in recycling and reducing waste overall by using the Green Dot system. Basically, manufacturers and retailers have to pay for a “Green Dot” (GrĂ¼ne Punkt) on products, so the more packaging they use, the more it cost them. Manufacturers must recover their own packaging. This is a proactive system, and the net result has been a decrease in one million tons of garbage every year. Because of this, there is less to be recycled, but it’s also being recycled proactively. If a company does not belong to the Green Dot system, they are required to sort and recycle their packaging themselves, and non-compliant companies will be presented with a fine. I guess the overall reason Germany is so efficient in recycling waste is because they have laws in place to regulate waste production/recycling.

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