Why is gas so much more expensive in the UK than in the US?



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    Answered many times previously. Basically, gasoline in Europe is more expensive than in the US because of national taxes.

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    It has been reported, that  gas prices in the UK are abnormally high due to the Middle East turmoil and it is really creating great panic in the oil industry. Unfortunately, the gas prices do not seem to be decreasing any time soon and the higher than average prices are soon headed towards becoming the norm.

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      To be clear, yes, the turmoil in Libya affects things in Europe – Brent (North Sea) crude is around $10 per barrel higher than most worldwide crude prices. But that is NOT the basic reason prices of gasoline are much higher in Europe than in the US – before all this, gas was still around $6-$7 per gallon in UK, and more than $9 per gallon in Norway. National taxes, on the order of $3+ per gallon, are the fundamental difference.

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