Why is gardening so popular with the older community?



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    It’s fun, it saves a little money, it provides exercise, it gives you another thing to share with fellow gardeners, it is a source of learning, it is satisfying to grow things, the results are tasty!

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    It relieves stress and they are smarter than us.  These younger generations are filled with educated idiots who want to go to the grocery store and restaurants and buy all the alien corn.  We don’t understand the value of working for food.  That is why we will all die from food.  STOP EATING CORN IT IS EVIL!!!! IT IS ALIEN!!!

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    I think a lot of older people have the time needed to devote to a garden, so they take it on as a hobby in retirement. In addition, it’s a great “non-exercise” way to get exercise—it gets people outside in the fresh air, bending and moving and walking around in ways that help them maintain flexibility and agility, and also doing heart rate-raising activities like digging, hoeing, and standing and squatting repeatedly. It’s a great activity that requires concentration and focus, so doesn’t seem like traditional exercise, so is great for people who don’t like to run, swim, etc., but need to stay active. Plus it’s a relatively inexpensive hobby—once you have the few tools you need, all you really need to spend money on are plants that can be as cheap as a couple of dollars for a seed packet.

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