Why is fracking so harmful?



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    Some fracking chemicals are known to disrupt the endocrine system. Exposure to these chemicals have been linked to certain cancers, obesity and metabolic syndrome. Fracking is also dangerous because it releases uranium, which could potentially contaminate water supplies.

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    Currenly, companies are not legally required to disclose what chemicals are being used in the fracking water.  If someone is poisoned by the fracking water, oil and gas companies are under no legal obligation to disclose the chemicals used.  Only 30 to 50% of the fracking water used to drill a well is recovered, leaving the rest of the toxic water in the ground, which can leech into the ground water, and eventually into the tap water.  Chemicals used in fracking water are risking the health of people, animals and vegetation.

    Additionally, the gas that is being drilled for can get into the ground water.  Methane gas is combustible so houses with gas in their tap water are in danger of explosion.

    Sewage treatment plants cannot effectively filter out fracking chemicals.  Places such as the New York City watershed whose water is naturally filtered through the bedrock are especially at risk should fracking water enter the watershed.

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