Why is fluoride important for humans?



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    Fluoride is present in the teeth, bones, thyroid gland and skin of humans in trace amounts. However, it is only important to humans in the sense that it prevents cavities in teeth and aids good development of teeth in children. It is for this reason that fluoride is put in water so that we ingest it when drinking. It is also placed in toothpaste. Too much fluoride can be a bad thing though, which is why it has to be correctly dispensed so that people do not ingest too much at one time or over a life time. Too much fluoride can actually cause damage to human teeth and bones.

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    Fluoride is important for healthy teeth, but like stated, too much is not healthy.

    While you eat, your saliva may become acidic and the acids cause demineralization (calcium and phosphorous, which keep teeth strong). While fluoride is present, mineral deposits become stronger. Fluoride helps harden the enamel of your teeth by binding to it, which also allows for more cavity resistance. This helps prevent acid by products formed by bacterial plaque and also may repair early stages of tooth decay.

    Fluoride also helps with gum recession, also by preventing acid-producing bacteria from forming.

    Fluoride concentrates in growing bones and teeth (children), and helps harden the teeth before they surface.

    Did you know that fluride has been added to water supply since 1940s?

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