why is finding solutions to environmental problems so difficult?



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    There’s no right answer to this question, but I think at least a part of the reason is a hesitation to change. It is very hard to motivate people to change their behaviors unless there is a good incentive, so despite all our efforts to find solutions to environmental problems, it’s difficult to accomplish without full cooperation from the people. Another obstacle is enacting environmentally-sound policies, as the environment is not always the first priority when it comes to law-making. Usually, corporations are the ones that have the money and clout to influence the law, which makes it tough for grassroots groups to fight back. In sum, a variety of reasons can account for the difficulty in solving environmental problems, but I think it’s mostly systemic and behavioral limitations.

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    The answer is money.  If our economy is hurt, from personal life to big business, than environmental problems are not addressed.  Typically businesses will not take a financial hit in order to help save the environment.  In order to find solutions to environmental problems, there needs to be financial incentive.  Whether this incentive comes through a tax break from the government, or change in public attitude towards the company, business needs a financial (or legal) incentive to find environmental solutions.

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