Why is fiber so important to our diet?



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    Fiber is important for moving food through our intestines. People who don’t eat enough fiber often have constipation or other digestive problems. 

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    There are two types of fiber, both of which are important to maintaining overall health. Soluble fiber, which is digested, plays a role in lowering the amount of cholesterol in the bloodstream. Insoluble fiber, which is not digested, helps food move through the digestive system easily. This keeps bowels healthy and prevents digestive problems.

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    In addition to the benefits listed by other respondents, fiber is credited with reducing the risk of heart disease, diabetes, diverticular disease (a disease that affects the colon), colon cancer, and constipation. If you eat a well-rounded, well balanced diet that follows recommendations set by nutritionists today, you should be getting plenty of fiber. Some tips to ensure a healthy amount of fiber in your diet are to eat fruits, especially instead of drinking juices, look for whole grain products instead of “white” ones, snack on raw vegetables, and use legumes as a source of protein instead of exclusively meat products.

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    From a dieting standpoint, fiber also helps you feel full so that you don’t snack on unhealthy things.

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