Why is fair trade so important?



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    Fair trade is important in that it it does not take advantage of poorer producers of goods. Ethiopia, the birthplace of coffee, sells bags for 20 cents. By buying at the cheapest rate possible we continue to allow poverty to exist in that country. By purchasing goods that have fair trade stamps we can ensure that we are purchasing goods that will raise the standards of living for families in developing countries.

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    By buying Fair Trade products, we support companies that abide by Fair Trade principles. If we continue to spend our money on companies who shortchange their workers and produce products or services unsustainably, we allow these companies to continue to be profit and be a competitive advantage in the market. This makes it difficult for fair trade companies to grow and proliferate their fair trade practices. Consumers generally don’t think too much about the indirect effects of their buying choices. We buy what we buy because its cheap, convenient and/or desirable. It is important to buy fair trade, be educated about it and inform others. 

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