Why is Fair Trade chocolate more eco friendly?



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         The Fair Trade movement’s main focus is not on the environment, but it is something they address. Along with other requirements, Fair Trade producers must:

    • Protect the environment in which they work and live. This includes areas of natural water, virgin forest and other important land areas and dealing with problems of erosion and waste management.
    • Develop, implement and monitor an operations plan on their farming and techniques.  This needs to reflect a balance between protecting the environment and good business results.
    • Follow national and international standards for the handling of chemicals. There is a list of chemicals which they must not use.
    • Not, intentionally, use products which include genetically modified organisms (GMO).
    • Work out and monitor what affect their activities are having on the environment. Then they must make a plan of how they can lessen the impacts and keep checking that this plan is carried out.



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