Why is that everytime I turn around I see a brand new SUV on the road?

I thought we were getting away from that. It might just be an Orange County thing but man it makes me mad. It is usually just one person driving it too.



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    Living in Orange County, a place generally portrayed as one where it is advantageous to express wealth and power, may be an explanation for the prevalence of new SUVs. Some people like the room of SUVs. As for new SUVs, some people feel pressured to always have the newest of anything, including cars.

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    SUV’s are popular because they are actually very nice vehicles to own/drive, I actually drive one myself. It seems in current America the most important concern of most people is their image. The image of wealthy, good looking and cool. Also since the American family is reported to have 2.5 kids each, the basic compact car is not in high demand. You can also blame that the average weight and size of Americans are increasing, requiring larger vehicles. So for a car company it makes sense to promote the design and build new SUV’s.

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    According to cars.com, SUV sales are increasing faster than smaller cars, and there is definitely evidence for this. I too am from Orange County, but I go to school in Chicago.  For the part of the year that I am in California I see an obvious differencein the type of cars that people drive.  There seems to be a significantly higher number of SUVs on the west coast.  So in part, I think that it is an Orange County thing, but according to statistics SUV ownership is on the rise everywhere.

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