Why is everyone saying David Mayer de Rothschild is the new “man to watch”?



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    David Mayer de Rothschild is one of the most elite figures in the world and happens to be an environmentalist as well.  He has traveled the world and seen most of the destruction of the environment being caused by human ignorance.  He is worth billions of dollars and has the potential to create a large initiative to stop any number of environmental problems.  As of right now he is trying to raise awareness about certain problems through media and contributions.  Besides countries and major corporations, he may be one of the most influential environmentalists simply because of his net worth. 

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    He is a “man to watch” because he is a wealthy young environmentalist whose position as a public figure gives his environmental “publicity stunts” publicity.  Not that this is a bad thing!  He is using his money to create good organizations like Adventure Ecology, to teach young students about environmental issues and science, and using the spotlight to raise environmental awareness.  His current stunt is to sail across the Pacific in a 60-foot catamaran of recycled plastic.  The boat was moored in the San Francisco bay, which is a good place to have a recycled boat so that everyone pays attention.  He knows that the key to change is awareness and he is making sure he does his part to improve that.

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    Well he   can help and bring  more awareness, but   we  as humans will all  create   garbage  and pollution we can’t stop this way of life now its too late, we   waste and  consume……..unlike the natives  that  lived  of the  land  back in the  day.

    I  hear that  Mr Rothschikld is worth  billions, but   did any of you  ever stop  to  think  how  much  pollution  was created   in the process of  earning these  billions?

    Answer please.



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