Why is Europe seeing such a stormy winter?



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    There is no hard evidence that will point to one reason over another.  There can be many reasons associated with such weather.  Some will argue that due to climate change, you are seeing a variety of weather patterns that are not usually associated with normal weather.  Climate change will produce more heat where it already tends to get hot and stronger winter storms where there are strong winter already.  Although, just because you see a strong winter this year doesn’t necessarily mean you will the next year or the year after next.  So it could just be a general change in weather pattern or just an unusual year.

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    One explanation is that the melting glaciers are pouring ice cold water into the atlantic, which is a warmer temperature.  The influx of colder water is throwing off the gyre, which acts as a “water pump” and regulates weather patterns.  Because of the disruption, weather is having cooler, wetter, and stormier trends than otherwise experienced.

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