Why is ethanol used in fuel?



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    Ethanol offers a way to reduce greenhouse gas emissions from transportation sources. Ethanol is mainly used as an alternative to other types of fuel due to it being low in its releasing of greenhouse gas emissions. Unfortunately, ethanol costs significantly higher to produce than gasoline, which is why there are still alternatives being created.

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    Ethanol is used as a fuel additive in order to reduce the amount of greenhouse gases emitted by various vahicles. Pure ethanol is estimated to reduce these emissions by approximately 12 percent. E10, the standard (until October 2010, when E15 was approved) mixture of 10% ethanol to 90% gasoline is estimated to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by between 0 and 5 percent. It is widely held by economists that the increased cost of gasoline containing ethanol outweighs any environmental benefits. Some studies have even shown that, under some circumstances, gasoline-ethanol mixtures can increase, rather than reduce, pollution.

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    The main reason why we use ethanol is because it is easier to get oil from corn than any other kind of product. It was started because our dependence on fossil fuels was starting to hurt the atmosphere, the economy, and the national security. Because of this various alternatives were being researched. Corn was one of the ones that came up, more recently, algae has been talked about, and soon that might replace corn and even fossil fuels.

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