Why is the EPA taking over greenhouse gas permits in Texas?



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    The EPA will be directly issuing air permits to industries in Texas – because they have indicated that the state is unwilling to comply with greenhouse gas regluations that went into effect January 2nd. 

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    New regulations on greenhouse gas emissions in Texas were scheduled to take effect January 2, 2011, yet Texas officials have refused to comply with the federal air permitting program. The aim is to cap pollution emissions in the state, as it currently emits the highest levels of industrial pollution and greenhouse gas emissions in the country. The EPA announced they are taking over Clean Air Act permits for the state in response to its reluctance to cooperate. “Texas, which estimated 167 projects would be affected by the new rules, stands alone in refusing to modify its permitting process.”

    EPA authorities have expressed desire for the state of Texas to oversee its own air permitting, but the lack of cooperation has compelled the EPA to intervene as part of a hard-line stance the agency is taking on reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

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