Why is eating your food slow more eco friendly?



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    I have two responses to this: one, if you mean eating your food slowly, it is better for you and the environment because your body has time to process that it is full more quickly, and less consumption is always better for the planet (think of all the energy, water and resources that go into growing food or feeding animals that will eventually be meat).

    If you mean the slow food movement, it is eco-friendly because the movement recognizes the relationship between growing and eating food, the need for food grown organically and without pesticides, for animals raised ethically, and for fair pay to the workers growing the food.  The slow food movement is bringing gardens to schools and spreading awareness through education that we should be aware of where our food is coming from and how it is made so we know what we’re putting in our bodies.

    This way of consuming affects (theoretically) the way food is grown and made, which would mean no more exhaustion of soil and overuse of fertilizer, no pesticides, no environmentally harmful feedlots and dairy farms, all of which is much better for the environment.

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