Why on earth do people think that PVC Christmas trees are more environmentally friendly than real trees?



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    Proponents of PVC christmas trees argue that the real tree industry endorses harmful deforestation pratices, and that keeping an actual tree requires a lot of water to maintain. Both of these are cut by buying a PVC tree which is then reused year after year as opposed to continually creating waste of real trees, etc.

    However, the energy loss and resulting pollution that goes into making PVC trees are a real concern that’s not often addressed. Ultimately both industries have their flaws, and as yet there’s no real solution to this eco-nightmare of a holiday tradition.

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    The benefit of using PVC trees is that they are re-used every year. Over the long run, PVC trees have a significantly smaller carbon footprint than a real trees, according to a study.

    However, there are drawbacks to fake trees, as mentioned above.

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    Because they are correct. PVC trees can be reused and resold for many years whereas real trees need to be cut down everywhere. You take away the potenetial of destroying  a tree instead and protect against deforistation. 

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    People probably believe that it is more environmentally friendly because PVC or fake Christmas trees can be reused year after year.  On the other hand, Christmas tree farms replant every tree that is cut down, so it’s not like they are huge environmental problem either.  It’s hard to say though really.  Many people just prefer always having the same tree that is easily accessible every year.  

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    As a comment to some of the above answers, I don’t think deforestation is an issue with Christmas trees. Most come from private Christmas tree farms, not a forest (and if they do come from a forest, that’s illegal, unless you have a permit).  Also, fresh Christmas trees can be recycled, whereas if at any point you get tired of your PVC Christmas tree, it will 100% end up in a landfill.

    Fresh cut trees are a renewable resource, especially if they come from an isolated source and are replanted each year.  They are also biodegradable, and can add nutrients back into the soil.  Plastic (a petroleum byproduct) is not, and most PVC trees are manufactured outside the US (economic and fossil fuel issues come in here).

    Check out the link below for some great, clear info.

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