Why is drip irrigation so efficient?



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    Drip irrigation is the most efficient way to water plants because the water is applied directly to the soil at the base of the plant. The water is not as subject to evaporation or run off, more of it is absorbed. And, being applied to the base of the plant, the plant can make more efficient use of the water. Other watering systems are sprayed into the air, and don’t achieve the same amount of efficiency.

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    Water coming out of drip irrigation systems isn’t as likely to evaporate before reaching the plant.  Although it delivers the water very slowly, the soil has a much better chance of absorbing it.  Using sprinklers, on the other hand, might be fast but much of the water evaporates directly into the air.  Drip irrigation systems are also very quiet and discrete – perfect for the small backyard garden. 

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    I worked in a Chinese company producing drip irrigation tape production line. Our products are very popular in places where water is very precious. India, Iran and Indonesia are our main markets.

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