Why don’t you recycle?



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    Maybe you mean this as a poll, but here’s some common reasons people don’t recycle:

    1. They believe it is inconvenient.
    2. They think they don’t have the space for recycling.
    3. They don’t see the personal benefit of recycling (no incentive).
    4. They see recycling as “not enough” of a solution, so they skip it entirely.
    5. They think it is difficult or too confusing.
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    I usually do try to recycle all the time, but I’ve been known to throw the occasional soda can or bottle into the trash. Sometimes I’ll be out and about, and I can’t find a recycling bin. When at home, I don’t have my own recycling bin and don’t feel like going to the building’s bin down the hall.

    Most of the time, I do recycle. But in my experience, the biggest reason why I and the people I know don’t recycle is usually an issue of laziness or procrastination.

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    At home we always recycle, it’s more difficult when traveling.  I agree with the poster above on some of the reasons people do not recylce in general, as I hear people say they don’t know what they can or cannot recycle or they don’t see how much difference it can make.  Some towns or smaller areas may not provide recycle and regular trash receptacles to be used in the home.

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    Some choose not to recycle, citing their belief that processing the recyclable waste requires the use of more energy and resources, therefore creating more environmental damage than it would to simply throw the waste away. Many will counter this argument by noting global landfill space is limited, and they also emit an enormous amount of greenhouse gases into the atmosphere, a main cause of climate change.

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    I know for many people, it’s “inconvenient” to recycle because it requires separating waste, and keeping track of days recycling’s picked up, or driving to a recycling center if no recycling pick-up program exists in the neighborhood. At my house, we didn’t always recycle because my parents considered it an extra chore, and didn’t really believe it was doing much good. However, recycling has tangible benefits: it creates jobs and saves resources, each ton of paper saving 17 trees (1). If you research the actual benefits of recycling, both environmental and economic, I think you can find the energy to recycle, even if it only does a bit of good.

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