Why don’t we use lightning rods to generate electricity?



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    There are several problems with this source of energy that need to be resolved first. Lightning is unreliable, and except for a few spots such as Lightning Alley in Florida, you’re not going to collect much of it. It is also a direct current, which needs to be converted to alternating, and it would take a special very large transformer to accomplish the task; also, the grid is unlikely to be able to take in such a large amount of electricity; both of those problems imply a need for a very high-capacity battery. It might be possible to create one, however it would be very expensive. To top that off, the actual current of electricity of a lightning can differ, so the collecting system must be capable of taking in a range of lightning power. So overall it is possible to do it, but it would likely take many years or research and testing before it could become a viable energy source.

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