Why don’t we make products more reusable?



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    I feel like this is because it’s not cheaper to do it that way. Companies tend to be more concerned about what will be more cost effective instead of what would be better for the environment. Although we are seeing more companies using eco-friendly materials in their products, and such products are gaining popularity, so hopefully this new popularity will make it more cost effective.

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    Companies want items to not be reusable. This is because in a consumer, capitalist economy, companies need to sell more items every year. If their products are reusable than there is no incentive for the customer to buy goods. Many items can be much more reusable, but the companies tend to do the opposite. Brita filters can be used much longer than they say. 

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    We tend to not see the reusability in a lot of products as well.  When you lose a sock out of your pair, use the other as a kitchen rag.  When you’re done with jars turn them into drinking glasses.  Turn bottle caps from beer bottles into a neat and funky table.  It takes being creative in a society where we have been taught to simply throw out our leftovers.  I have a book called Gorgeously Green that gave me some great ideas.  Hope this helps!

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