Why don’t we eat more rabbit?



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    Many people do eat rabbit– in the year 2000, average yearly rabbit consumption was 0.02 lbs per capita (doesn’t seem like much, but “the average American” did eat some rabbit over the course of a year). But, the argument is often made that Americans don’t eat rabbit because they are more thought of as pets. 2.2 million U.S. households keep one or more rabbits as pets. Another reason is that I don’t think it’s widespread knowledge that rabbit meat is so nutritious, with very low fat, sodium and cholesterol compared to other meats. If people were more aware of this, it might become more popular.

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    It’s a little-known fact that rabbit meat is quite nutritious, with cholesterol levels lower than other kinds of meat. It has the highest percentage of protein and a lower percentage of fat compared to chicken, beef, turkey, and pork. I’m certain that people would be more willing to eat rabbits if they lived in the woods, but as it is I believe they prefer other kinds of meat because rabbits are more viewed as pet animals. My parents used to keep rabbits as pets until caring for them became too much of a hassle since they kept multiplying, so they cooked them. If you’re curious, rabbit tastes a little like chicken in my opinion.

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