Why don’t water companies in rainy regions encourage less residential water use like those in arid regions do?

Water companies in the arid American Southwest do a lot to encourage residents to use less water. But why not everywhere else? Prices of water are going up everywhere. Clean, safe water is becoming more scarce everywhere. Why can’t similar programs be adopted nationwide?



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    Simply put, it’s an issue of supply and demand. As long as there is a large water supply in wetter areas, water companies will be certain of fullfilling all the demand there is for water in the near future. Therefore, they will not see the need to restrict water usage, even when the water supply dwindles gradually. In drier areas, the demand is far greater than the supply, which means that water companies have to limit demand in order to ensure a continued supply of water. Though it is certainly shortsighted on the companies’ part, it makes perfect sense from the companies’ point of view.

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