Why don’t some people like using ereaders?



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    I have never had an ereader (unless my laptop counts). However, I am not interested in getting one because electronics like that tend to break down right after the warrenty expires and electronics are more difficult to recycle than paper, or at least not as convenient to recycle unless you live in a city that strongly supports electronics recycling at grocery stores. Otherwise, one needs to send it back to the manufacturer.

    Also, I love riding my bicycle to the library to pick out a good book. I find that books are really handy when something goes wrong with my laptop, there is a power outage, or the internet stops working.

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    In general, the practical disadvantages of an e-reader are:  they’re expensive (especially when compared with buying books used or borrowing them from a friend or library); depending on the type, you may not be able to read in direct sunlight; they depend on battery power; and they require that all your reading material be kept in one place, so if it gets lost or if you leave it somewhere, you’ve essentially lost your whole library.  Beyond these, a lot of people (myself included) simply prefer paper books.  This may be because they like having a physical library, they like to take notes in their books by hand, or they’re just used to they “old-fashioned” way of doing things and resistant to change.  Some people even say that they prefer the smell of real books.  Ultimately, it seems that the preference for books over ereaders amounts more to sentimentality than to logic.  Despite all the obvious advantages of ereaders, some people will always prefer books simply because they’re familiar to us.

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    As funny as it sounds, some people just miss that feeling of actually flipping the page.  My mom is in a book club and she said that many of the people in her group feel that way.  Plus, they’re costly.  You can go to the library and rent a book for free.  

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    I was a big fan of ereaders in college, but I remember one of my roommates hating them. He always complained that it hurt his eyes staring at a computer screen for so long, which I can agree with to some extent. I find that the ease and practicality more than make up for other small problems they pose. 

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