why don’t people recognize that animal rights need to be part of Canada’s constitution?




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    Animals don’t pay taxes, they don’t vote, and they can’t hold offices, so it is ludicrous to amend a nation’s founding document to include animal rights. There are laws against animal cruelty, but if you feel the penalties for breaking those laws are not stringent enough, I recommend taking up that issue.

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      Whoever wrote the above bullshit is an asshole pure and simple. People are allowed to torture, rape and kill animals and ‘own’ them as property; animals have their bodies eaten, used for clothes and then among all the other horrid things people do, most people buy crap canned animal food for their pets which is made from, rotten animal carcases.

      Animals are not considered as important enough to be granted rights, but important enough to be barbequed. There was a time, not so very long ago when women, and black people were also considered by the ignorant and patriarchal majority to be nothing more then chattle.

      For you to answer the way you have , you clearly show that a) not only do you not regard any other form of life, apart from human as valid but also b) that you truly have no idea about the so called laws in place to protect animals. Animals are still seen as things, and when dinosaurs like you start to die, real change can begin!

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      Even if you disagree with what pflanzenfaser wrote, you have no right to use abusive language towards them. GreenAnswers is a great place for open debate and discussion but not for name calling. I believe personal insults will get you banned from the site.

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      Actually I happen to be a huge animal lover. I’ve had several different dogs over the course of my life, a few rabbits, and right now I’m raising a baby praying mantis and an alligator lizard. I would be careful with your “women and black people” analogy when dealing with this issue, as some women and black people might interpret it as equating them to animals.

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      While I enjoyed reading your little rant here, what pflanz said still stands true. If you can prove to me that animals have any influence whatsoever on politicians or government or anything else that the topic is actually referring to, then write about that here, no one wants to read your activist bullshit. I like animals too and don’t want to see them get treated with cruelty, but sorry they aren’t on equal grounds with humans. Honestly though I’d rather give animals rights than give them to you, so I guess props to you for that one.

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    Animals often do not have a direct impact on people’s lives and therefore people won’t care about them. They do not have any power over humans, usually and unfortunately. Animals can not influence the politicians that create these laws and therefore have no say in the consitution. 

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    Animals suffer hellish pain quietly, die quietly, for the most part. Those that die in slaughterhouses are hidden from the eyes of the world. The animals that die for “sport” may be shot by loud guns, but again, they suffer and die quietly.

    Animals may die with more dignity that we, but their suffering is real and their deaths are often horrendously painful and unnecessary. We kill for “fun”, and fish for “sport” and slaughter with cruelty. It is unnecessary. We can eat a healthy diet without meat and fish.

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