Why don’t our street lights run off of solar power?



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    Good question! Depending on where you live, some street lights run off solar, some don’t. You can contact the Department of Transportation in your area and ask if some do and if they don’t how they can get them to run off solar! First step is community action!

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    Sometimes, they do!! This company (http://www.solarlighting.com/) has been manufacturing outdoor lighting, as well as indoor lighting, from solar power since 1990. They actually manufacture lighting for both commercial and institutional clients, meaning some governments even run their lights off of solar power. What’s best is that they make solar lighting feasable in six continents.

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    The ones that don’t either haven’t been converted or are in areas that don’t yet have the means to utilize that technology.

    Some cities may not be aware or may simply have not been able to write it into the budget just yet.

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