Why don’t most cities have better public transit?



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    I think the public transportation systems in many cities are stuck in a downward spiral. As more and more people can own cars and it’s most convenient to get places by car, less people ride public systems like buses. The buses (for example) then get less money from people riding them and may have to cut back on their routes or how frequently they run, etc, which makes them less convenient, which means fewer people ride them and so on.

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    Many city governments are forced to invest more money into roads rather than public transportation because of the great demand from drivers. They are constantly needing to repair roads that have a lot of traffic, and that takes up a lot of their annual budget. This doesn’t leave much left for public transportation that often gets into a situation where fewer and fewer people use it because it is in need of repair or isn’t efficient enough, therefore not seeming like a valuable investment anymore because not enough people will be using it to make back the money invested.

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