Why don’t more stores sell game meat like elk and venison?



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    Wild game is lower in fat than conventionally farmed meats, so it is in higher demand than factory farmed beef. I suspect that it is also more expensive to raise wild game than it is to raise domesticated animals, and you many consumers may not be able to afford it. So, it would likely rot on the shelves if regular grocery stores stocked it. If you are really keen on getting some wild game, you can always buy it online 🙂

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    To build on what, “happyhodges” said, game animals are more expensive to raise than domesticated animals.  I know of a whitetail deer, “farm” in central New York that requires 8 foot high fencing to keep deer from escaping.  Deer are also more susceptible to chronic wasting disease, parasites, and other illnesses when confined in a pasture.  It would follow, that many ranchers would not want to raise wild game because of the potential to spread disease to other livestock.

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