Why don’t more people view soils as a non-renewable resource? Is it because they are dirty?



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    To qualify as a renewable resource, a natural resource must be replaced at a rate equal to or exceeding the rate at which it is consumed by humans. Since we are currently degrading soil to non-usable states more quickly than it is being created, soil does indeed qualify as a non-renewable resource. However, since it is still very common to find soil on the earth’s surface, and since soil is created rather quickly through a simple natural process, people tend to take soil for granted. Also, people may overlook the importance of soil to our survival.

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    Soil may sometimes be viewed as a non-renewable resource because it takes a very long time to accumulate and gain fertility. It takes a very long time for a depleted area of soil to replenish its nutrients and recover, if it ever does at all. If crops are not grown in the best way, you could easily deplete the soil of all nutrients and be left with no soil resources. In this case, it would be difficult for anything to grow even if the land was left alone.

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