Why don’t more people adopt the term Climate Change rather than Global Warming?

I understand that the average temperature of the Earth is rising but I think many people don’t believe in Climate Change because it is so often referred to as Global Warming. Many people in today’s world only take into account what they experience everyday and see everything on the tv or the internet as a faraway world. Just a thought.



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    The words are not interchangeable; rather, one is a subset of another.  The question is rather like asking, “Why don’t more people call bananas fruit.”  Technically bananas are fruit, which the word “fruit” describes, in addition to oranges, apples, etc.

    Basically, global warming describes the phenomena of the average surface temperature on the planet increasing.  “Climate change” describes all of the human impacts on global temperature linked to increased levles of carbon emissions, including changes in sea levels, precipitation rates, crop cycles, etc.  This all goes back to the first National Academy of Sciences article, published in 1979, which described both phenomena and used both terms.  The writer of this journal, Jule Charney, used “global warming” when describing aggregate temperature increase and “climate change” when describing all of the impacts of increased carbon dioxide. 

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    This is the problem with our society today. The media creates who we are and who we become. The media makes us believe in what they wany us to believe in. Part of this problem can refer back to proper education. Climate change is happening and we need to realize it quick. Most of the climate change is not related to global warming. Infact, most climate change is from human ignorance towards the environment. For example, the pacific gyre garbage patch, oil spills, and dead zones are known to be caused from humans, which can link to climate change. We have created this mess and now it’s our turn to clean it up. 

    The current problems in our environment have been linking to climate change and has been causing irregular weather patterns over a period of time. Infact, climate change can cause many distubtions in human behaviors and lving areas. Climate change have caused people in third world countries to dive off in terrible living situations and we need to assist them with proper care and sustainability for them to thrive in healthy living areas. 

    Never believe what the media says, most of it can be true, but most of it can also be deceiving. The belief that we can use is from education like teach-in classes, workshops, or reading books and scholarly articles. 

    Climate Change

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    As getwithrico said “Global Warming” is a more specific term that addresses what is happening to our planet now in terms of temperature while “Climate Change” is a more general term that encompasses much more, including what happened in the past and what may happen in the future. For example: “Climate Change” could also be used to describe a cooling situation such as an ice age. “Climate Change” also deals with changes in our weather patters and ocean acidification. That is why the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), which addresses these issues in addition to global warming, is the IPCC and not the IPGW.

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    • the term global warming has many effects including climate change itself.I suggest that people must not confuse global warming with climate change because from my own understanding climate is complex condition of the atmosphere for a long period of time e.g30 to 40 years and global warming is the general increase of global temperatures.however this rise in temperatue leads to many crises like rising of sea water levels.
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