Why don’t more environmentalists abstain from eating meat?



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    An environmentalist should not claim that title if they are consuming meat. Since factory farming creates one of the largest pollution problems, it doesnt make sense for someone to support that hazard while still claiming to be agaisnt it.

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    I think that vegetarians have always gotten the reputation of being “treehuggers”, “hippies”, or animals lovers. There are people who don’t eat meat because they are against animal cruelty, and then there are people who don’t eat meat for it’s environmental impact. I am in the second group, although when I was ten and wanted to be a vegetarian it was because I felt bad for the animals. I just don’t think that many people realize how being a vegetarian is truly good for the environment, based on the amount of natural resources the meat industry uses. Additionally, “going green” has become such a fad these days that many people just follow what the media tells them to do when it comes to going green. We can also replace plastic bags and water bottles, but by not eating meat (and only doing that- no other “green” thing) we are reducing our ecological footprint greatly!!!

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    Being vegetarian is a personal choice.  For some, it may not be right for them.  I know several people who would gladly go vegetarian but cannot because of an allergy or other health concern.  Making such an important decision about your diet is something that a person needs to decide individually, and shouldn’t be pressured on.

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    Lots of people feel they aren’t the problem and that everyone else is the problem.

    “I don’t eat THAT much meat,” is a common refrain.

    The simple truth is, one cannot be a meat-eating environmentalist.  There is too much waste; wasted water, wasted food, wasted land, etc.  Not to mention the damage from cess pools and how they leach into local groundwater and damage nearby crops of vegetables with things like harmful bacterias.

    Remember the spinach recall a few years ago?  That was due to the leaky cess pool of a nearby pig farm.  All that urine and fecal matter ruined the spinach.

    Food animals create tons and tons, millions of tons of waste each year.  They create more bodily waste than all the humans in the US, and that waste has to go somewhere.  Some of it gets sprayed on crops, which can result in toxins contaminating the food.

    When we really look at all the waste involved with meat, egg, and dairy production, it makes more sense to become vegetarian or vegan.

    Diet for a New America by John Robbins is good.

    Mad Cowboy by Howard Lyman is good.

    The Food Revolution: How Your Diet Can Save Your Life and Our World by John Robbins comes highly recommended.  I’ve not read this one yet, but I’ve been told it’s a must read for everyone who wantst to know more about food and the environment.


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