Why don’t more communities use grey water irrigation systems?



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    Infrastructure is one problem.  While it’s not too difficult to install grey and black water systems in a new building, it’s harder to install them in already existing buildings. 

    You also have to take into consideration the people that use the building– how much water they use (which can affect how well the irrigation will work) and whether they will use the system correctly by not flushing toxic chemicals.

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    I don’t know, it seems like a perfectly simple thing to do, and could prove to save the company or home money.  I know my apartment building recently installed the “purple pipes” for using reclaimed water using money from a “green grant” they were awarded.  Perhaps if more building managers were aware they could get funding for these sorts of green projects, more people would do it….otherwise we need to write laws mandating the installation of rain water collection, and reclaimed water for irrigation.

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    A lot of times it’s an imbalance between the awareness and opportunity.  Most people don’t know about the possibility.   If people demand it from the community then they would be forced to provide the means to do so, but not a lot of people are educated enough on the issue.

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