Why don’t more chip bags take sun chips lead and make a bio bag?



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    I don’t know why, it seems like this would be a good model to follow. The only reason that I can think of is the price. Making new bags out of new materials costs more, so I think that this is the reason most companies did not jump on board right away. It is a sorry excuse for sure, but one I can see some companies sticking too for a long time. 

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    I agree. It requires a massive budget to replace a company’s machinery to make new bags. For instance, to have paper companies make more paper out of hemp or other products that can be used for paper because it takes tens of millions of dollars to convert their machinery to manufacture a different kind of material. 

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    Yes, replacing their machines to something that would benefit the environment means disturbing their profit-making system, and these companies aren’t willing to do that. It’s a pretty selfish excuse but I do understand why companies choose to stay as they are. Furthermore, it’s not like switching their bags to a more eco-friendly one is going to cut some serious competition. There’s really not much incentive for these companies to go for the change. 

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