Why don’t kids like veggies that much when their young?



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    Studies show that aversion of bitter tasts in vegetables could be genetic. All of us has the gene TAS2R38, which codes for how our brain interprets bitter tastes. There are two versions of this gene; one makes us more sensitive to bitter foods. If that gene is present, we are more likely to dislike bitter foods. 80% of kids have one or two versions of this dominant gene. Over time, kids grow out of their aversion to bitter foods.

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    I think it may be in part due to genetics. However, I also believe that children do not want anything they are forced to have when it is not sugary. I feel that children, especially during the terrible twos want nothing to do with whatever their parents actually want them to do. 

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    Kids usually like sugars and sweets so their taste buds aren’t acclimated to vegetables yet. I used to dislike spinach and broccoli but want junk food! As I grew older and became exposed to more foods my perceptions changed.

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