Why don’t I have any earthworms?

I have lived in SW Pennsylvania and Central Florida and have always found earthworms in the soil when planting. When it
rained there were worms all over the streets and sidewalks. I now live in SW Georgia–NO WORMS!! I have dug all over
our property and not found any. Is this normal?



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    Let us discuss what is required for earthworms to live and thrive.

    First, earthworms do not have lungs; they breathe through their skin. To do this effectively, they need moisture. Their skin and the environment around the worm should be moist. On the flip side, too much moisture can drive worms out of the soil and onto the surface of the land, where if they stay too long will get paralyzes by the sun.

    Worms need to be close to their food supply, which includes leaves, dead grass, dirt, plants, fruits and veggies. Worms eat bacteria, algae and fungi to live.

    Worms also prefer to be away from light, where the earth can stay moist.

    I am unsure of why you are not finding worms, for they seem to be everywhere all the time. They may be buried deep in the soil. If there is a lot of topsoil, you might not too many earthworms at all. There are techniques for bringing them to the surface. One is, as I mentioned, excessively moistening the dirt. There is another method involving using electricity to get worms to the surface. Check the link for more information.

    Hope this helps.

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