Why don’t grocery stores sell brown eggs?



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    A lot of large-scale grocery stores do sell brown eggs, but to answer your question directly, most grocers stock only what there is a demand for, so perhaps at your grocery, there is not such a demand for the eggs.

    If you are interested in having your grocer begin to carry brown eggs, you can always ask, as it never hurts to do so.

    Here is a link to the differences between brown and white eggs, and really, there aren’t many!


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    All the grocery stores in British Columbia carry free range (NOT free-run, something VERY different) brown eggs.

    But it does make a difference. Brown eggs or white, the nutrients inside depend on the feed and happiness of the hens.

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    In the US you can buy brown eggs at Trader Joes and Whole Foods.

    There isn’t a difference between brown and white eggs, besides color. Brown eggs are brown because they come from a different breed of chicken than white eggs.  

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