Why don’t businesses print double sided, everywhere I have ever worked only prints single sided, is there a reason for this?



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    The simple answer is it’s probably easier. While there are printers and copiers capable of printing things double-sided without severely slowing down the process, not all are able to do that and the ones that can are almost certainly more expensive. I’m also met multiple people who find documents printed double-sided to be somewhat confusing.

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    Double-sided makes a business appear cheap, typically, rather than environmentally friendly. Utilizing paper twice seems unprofessional to many businesses, which still operated under an old-fashioned code of conduct.

    I’ve had the same problem with many professors in the past who refused my request for a similar reason.

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    One problem with printing on both sides of a piece of standard copy paper is that the words show through on the other side. It takes a heavier quality of paper, or a different kind or color of paper, like those found in books, magazines, and newspapers, so that problem doesn’t occur. Standard copy paper is widely used because of its cost compared to these other papers.

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