Why is dog racing legal and dog fighting isn’t?



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    In theory, dog racing is a matter of training and condition being put to use in a manner that won’t hurt the dogs. While there may be unscrupulous dog racing trainers out there, the amount of damamge inflicted on a dog during a race is far less than inflicted on a dog during even a single fight. It’s a matter of animal cruelty, mostly.

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    Dogs that are involved in dog racing are now brutally harmed compared to dogs involved in dog fighting. Dogs in dog fighting are bred and conditioned in order to fight for the spectators enjoyment. It is highly sadistic.  

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    Very simple. Dog fighting is considered much more inhumane. Although they are both terrible, dog fighting is perceived by the public as more graphic and brutal. I believe that both of them should be illegal. However, in dog racing there are less injuries, casualties, etc. so I would have to go with this one if I had to choose. 

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    Dogs bred for racing can make great pets afterward, and they are not hurt or killed for their sport.  Fighting dogs are bred to be tough and mean and do not make good pets and they are often killed during the fights. 

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