Why doesn’t the US government do anything about junk mail?

Like with phone telemarketing, why isn’t there any sort of US government legislation on junk mail? Millions of trees are cut down every year for it.



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    Because they are traditionally far more capitalist than environmentalist in their policies. There is so much money to be made by corporations who send useless junk mail to consumers. The government has less interest in saving some trees than it does in supporting product markets.

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    The postal service generally tries to slow down any anti-junk mails that try to pass. They claim “standard mail” is important to the postal service and that it keeps jobs. So, the post office itself is more to blame than the guys at the top. 

    The funny thing is that many environmental groups, despite the resource concerns, are not keen on a block of “standard mail”. They also send out solicitation pamphlets to homes in the mail as junk mail.

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    its none of their concern, and i dont think they can regulate the buinesses that sent it out. Please visit my blog on FREE and easy ways to eliminate all junk mail sent to your house.


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