Why doesn’t plastic and glass accrue earnings when these materials are recycled?



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    Sometimes they do.  If you live in a state that charges a deposit, you can get the money back for brining them to a recycling center.  It would be good if other states gave some sort of incentive to ensure you recycled these items, it might help to prevent these items from making their way to the landfills.

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    I can only speak intelligently on Plastics as this is my field. I am not sure what you mean by “accrue earnings”. I will presume what you mean is why is plastics recycling more environmentally friendly? The answer is all plastics are made from crude oil and natural gas. The environmental impact of collecting these, and turning them into a new plastic that displaces virgin plastics from being manufactured is great. First you don’t need any oil, and all you have to do is to separated the types. This uses almost no energy. This is the reason that recycled plastics can be produced and sold for about half the cost of virgin new resin. In most cases, the recycled plastics are good enough in quality to meet the product requirements. There are some exceptions and some limitations. You would not want to put recycled plastics into pharmasuticals or food contact products without further purifications.

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      Thanks for all the info. Since this is your field, why is it so hard to recycle plastic bags from grocery stores? I would think it would be similar to recycling other forms of plastic where the environmental value would be worth the effort.

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