Why doesn’t McDonald’s USA have recycling bins in resturant?



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    The main reason why McDonalds’ doesn’t have recycling bins in their restaurants is a lazy one in my opinion. They have claimed that recycling the trash is too complicated because of the amount of food debree that is on left on it. This weak excuse does not seem to stop the many other companies that have made an effort to recycle. From McDonalds’ hesitance, we can assume that the company just does not want to provide the resources necessary to begin recycling. 

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    Whether or not a particular establishment has recycling bins usually depends on the local laws and cultures. I do not know whether the McDonald’s in my city of Davis has recycling bins, but I do know that recycling bins are available on every block and many establishments in Davis, including the university’s Silo food court which contains a Taco Bell, Pizza Hut, and Carl’s Junior contains recycling bins. In cities where the citizens are politically active and concerned about the environment, the city council may make certain agreements with chain businesses who want to build a branch in their community. So, if you want to see your local McDonald’s put in a recycling bin, the best thing to do is start a petition. Change.org offers some easy tools you can use to get a petition started online.

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