Why doesn’t everyone take action to save the earth?

Most people don’t care what is going on aroung them some people are also very lazy and stay at home and watch T.V when they could be doing something else like helping the enviroment.



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    Good question, Anon27189.  I think it boils down to convenience, cost, and urgency.  Though we may know that helping the earth is the right thing to do, it can cost people extra time and money, something people don’t feel they can give up.  Also, we have heard about climate change and that we can stop it if we act now, but I don’t think it hits home hard enough for some people to feel the need to do anything.  I would compare it to smoking cigarettes.  People know it is bad for them, but the seriously negative health effects don’t really show up for a while, so people keep smoking.  It is unfortunate, but I think these are the main things that hold people back from helping.


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    Another piece of the puzzle is that I don’t think people feel connected to the earth. The earth—the land, the sea— exist as ideas for so many people; few people at least in the U.S. have direct experience with what it means to live from the earth. Ultimately, the earth and its systems nourish us all and provide us with all of our resources. However, we have removed ourselves in so many ways from these life-support systems that all we see is the food in the grocery store, the light coming from the lamp and the heat radiating from the wall. If we don’t really know something, how can we love it, and feel the urge to protect it? If we don’t experience something directly, how can we even know for ourselves that something is wrong, and that we will be deeply impacted if we don’t change it?


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    I think another reason is that many of the problems facing the environment are counter-intuitive.  For example, how could a slight rise in temperature — one that we might not even perceive if it happened in our own homes — have the potential to cause monumental problems for future generations of life on Earth?  And how could the temperature be rising if places are experiencing the coldest and worst winter storms their region has seen in years?  In spite of efforts to help educate people about the problems facing us, the most accessible evidence sometimes just doesn’t make sense.  Someone who does not understand a problem will have no motivation to make an effort to solve the problem.

    And then there are the camps of people who think that environmental problems are made up so that people in certain industries can get rich.  No one wants to be a sucker.

    Why some people are unwilling at least to cover their bases by making an effort to live a more sustainable lifestyle is beyond me, but I think our inherent inertia in the face of theoretical consequences, as jeffb mentioned, and our disconnection from the earth, as lunafish explained, are big parts of it.

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    A lot of times it’s simply a disconnection…to other people, animals and just hte planet in general. People who choose not to participate tend to not understand or believe the impact that they, as an individual, can have upon it.

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    I ask myself this all the time. I think it comes down to laziness, and the “its not my problem” mentality. Many people choose to ignore the problems we face concerning the environment because they are selfish or apathetic. The best way to fight apathy is with education- so I would encourage this in order to foster a level of respect towards nature and the environment. 

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    Another reason people don’t take action is mind-set. Most people feel that the current environmental issues are not their problem because they won’t be here when the carelessness of the past finally catches up to us. There is a disconnect between man and nature because of the distractions of everyday society. Many people merely go through life thinking only about themselves and what they can get out of their own short time on this earth, rather than what they can give with it. 

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