Why doesn’t anyone use eestor batteries?



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    EEStor is a company that has developed an EESU (“Electrical Energy Storage Unit”). The storage unit is actually a large capacitor, and they claim that their EESU can power a car for about 300 miles.

    They have filed patents for their EESU, but their claims have yet to be verified. There has been a series of release delays, fueling speculation that the claims may be exaggerated. There has yet to be any demonstration that their EESU will deliver the claimed power.

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    No one uses EEStor batteries, because they aren’t available as a product yet.  As mentioned above, they haven’t been patented and any real demonstration of the products useability, or even existence for that matter, has yet to come out.  Many think that it’s just hype generation to draw funding, as there has been quite a bit of money sank into the project, with no tangible results.

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