Why doesn’t aluminum foil stay hot?



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    I say magic, however, science probably says otherwise. It turns out that aluminum foil due to its density and lack of actual aluminum to retain heat decreases its hot factor quickly when exposed to the difference in air temperature outside of the oven. Therefore, aluminum foil, like any product with the same density does not conduct heat for a long amount of time. The citation below uses paper, which is thin, as an example of another product that would not stay hot for very long outside of the oven.


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    all metals heat and cool quickly, according to their surroundings. 

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    Aluminum has very low thermal mass. It heats up quickly and cools down quickly, and it doesn’t take much energy to do either. Water, by contrast, takes a lot of energy to heat up and gives off a lot to cool down, which is why a pot of soup will stay steaming for an hour or so after cooking.

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