Why does your skin get a scab when it gets cut?



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    Scabbing is your body’s way of protecting the cut by giving the skin cells under the scab a chance to heal and keeping germs and other things from the outside environment from getting inside.

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    Because that’s how you protect yourself when you’re healing!  When you get a cut, you have an open wound that can be exposed to all the germs of the world, and your body’s response is to try and cover it up to minimize the chances of infection.  So as soon as your blood hits the air, your blood cells start forming platelets, and with another type of cell called fibrin, they band together to protect you and build the scab.  Underneath the scab your skin starts building new cells and healing from the damage it experienced.

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    Its also your bodies way of making sure you do not lose too much blood when your cut. Your skin scabbing is blood clotting to prevent bad things from getting in and to prevent blood loss. Hemophilia is a medical condition where your blood cannot clot, and it can be very dangerous even to get a simple cut if you have this condition.

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