Why does water cause wood to warp?



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    It is not water itself that causes wood to warp. It is the drawing of moisture out of wood that can cause wood to warp. When wood loses moisture, it shrinks. If, when the moisture leaves the wood, it does so in an evenly distributed way, the wood will remain flat. But if moisture leaves unevenly, this is what causes wood to warp.

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    Warping in wood is caused by uneven drying of wood/lumber. Live trees carry sugars and water through their vascular system, and contain moisture in cells as well. When trees are cut and milled into lumber, this moisture begins to dry out. If it dries unevenly, this stresses the wood and it bends and shrinks. For an extreme example, say you have a piece of lumber outside–half of it is in the direct sun, half of it is under the shade of a garage. The part in the sun will dry more quickly than that under the garage, causing it to shrink more, and it will likely cause the board to bend.

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