Why does water boil faster if you salt it?



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    It doesn’t. The boiling point goes up.

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    Like rigibson said, adding salt to water makes the boiling point increase so that food will cook faster as the water stays at hotter temperature. 

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    Adding salt to boiling water can speed up the cooking process for whatever type of food you put into the water, but the salt doesn’t actually speed the boiling process.  Adding salt to the water increases the water’s boiling temperature, which means you cook at a higher heat, speeding the cooking process itself.

    When water temperature rises, the water molecules move faster as the temperature goes up, bumping into each other and releasing vapor molecules.  When there are enough vapor molecules escaping from the water, the water begins to boil.  When you add salt, the salt ions take up space and interrupt some of the water molecule collisions, which means that fewer vapor molecules are being released even though the water molecules are moving just as fast as they were before the salt was added.  The water molecules need to move faster in order to release enough vapor molecules to cause boiling, which means that the water has to reach a higher temperature in order to boil.

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