why does vitamin C work so well if you are sick?



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    There is controversy about whether or not vitamin C is helpful to relieve illness.  Some studies show that children who intake vitamin C daily have shorter sickness periods, and athletes who take vitamin C are sick 50% less than those around them who did not take the vitamin.  Those who take the vitamin long after cold symptoms first appeared, however, will likely not see any reduced length in their illness.

    Whether or not vitamin C works to shorten or prevent an illness is dependent on the individual, how much vitamin C is taken, and when the vitamin C was taken in relation to the start of the symptoms.



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    A book called “Ascorbate: The Science of Vitamin C” coauthored by Steve Hickey, PhD, and Hilary Roberts, PhD, addresses some “misinformation” to the public following the death of Linus Pauling.  The book argues that high doses of Vitamin C can be extremely effective in boosting the body’s immune system.  A daily dose of 60 mg of vitamin C is recommended by the FDA. 

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